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here is what is included in the Aphrodite's Prince membership:
Daily coaching videos to cultivate the ultimate mindset of seduction
Vince lectures in the group as often as twice a day, going over all of his concepts, as well as leads inner game conditioning trance sessions. Thursday evening is official class time, which includes a lecture and long Q & A session, as well as guest teaching sessions by advanced students.
Join a brotherhood of others who are on the same path of mastery
Create daily check in videos to monitor progress and master your delivery and presentation. Study with the advanced Trainers In Training who are part of the group, as they post daily videos on their latest adventures and realizations in pickup. 
Build your pickup chops in the weekly 1 hour pickup workshop via livestream
Vince teaches his unique system in this ongoing, freeform seduction class. Includes highly detailed and in-depth explorations of original concepts like Dual Direction, Pure State, Aphrodite's Laws of Lust, and much more.
Full Access to the complete library of over two years of lectures
When you join you get the recordings of every Aphrodite's Prince class since the very beginning. That means 100s of hours of material!
You are the king that went dormant, so stop jerking off, start honoring your masculinity, and start getting laid!
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